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A common question when it comes to air purifiers, the term VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.  In general terms, a VOC is a chemical which tends to easily evaporate into the air and is noticed by us as a scent or odor. Many VOC's are known to be toxic, and we should limit our exposure to them as much as possible.

Common VOC's include paints, varnishes, fuels, glues, nail polish and remover, cigarette smoke, cleaning supplies, pesticides, printer and copier inks, permanent markers, and aerosol sprays.

Health Canada has some guide lines for limiting exposure to VOC's which include

  • Prevent smoking indoors
  • Do not let your vehicle idle near buildings
  • Properly store chemicals and fuels
  • Use chemical products and cleaners as directed
  • Choose low emission products
  • Open windows when painting, varnishing, or using glues
Many air purifiers have specific models which are aimed at reducing VOC's. They contain special carbon blends, or larger carbon filters, which absorb these chemicals as the air is filtered through. The longer the air spends in contact with the carbon, the more efficiently it will be cleaned.

The reason many air purifiers come with the option for different sized carbon beds is to ensure that we can provide a filter system that has sufficient air-carbon contact time for any level of contamination.

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