Dangers Of Air Pollution Worse Than Previously Thought

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The United Nations World Health Organization(WHO) has announced that the dangers posed from poor air quality are far worse than originally thought. They are calling for global action to reduce whats being describe as one of the greatest hazards to human health.

The warnings came after the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Climate and Clean Air Coalitions (CCAC) latest meeting. They now estimate that there is 3.5 million premature deaths every year as a result of household air pollution, and an additional 3.3 million caused by outdoor air pollution. Its also estimated that ground level ozone is responsible for an additional 200,000 premature deaths each year.

The risk of poor air quality was said to be the greatest in South Asia while Eastern, Central and Western Sub-Saharan Africa was second and Southeast Asia third.

"Air pollution is becoming one of the biggest health issues we have in front of us at the moment,” said Dr. Maria Neira, the WHO’s Director of Public Health and Environment. Its time for everyone to start paying more attention to what we are breathing as it is the things we can not see that pose the greatest health hazards. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or office, AirFresh Solutions has many products and resources to help.

Story reported by the UN News Center

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