Amaircare 7500 Filters

Replacement filters for the Amaircare 7500 Air Purifier.

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The Amaircare 7500 requires the following filters:

  • Two (2) 16" Easy twist HEPA Filters
  • Two (2) of the Annual Filter Kits (Either the Standard, Plus VOC, or Plus VOC Formaldezorb). Filter kits can be mixed.

The Amaircare 7500 Annual Filter Kits are explained below:

  • The Standard Annual Filter Kit is good for mild household odors
  • The Plus VOC Kit is designed for chemical and VOC control
  • The Super Plus VOC Formaldezorb Kit is designed for environments with known formaldehyde contamination. This kit will also enhance the air purifiers ability to remove other lightweight gases.

The Ultra VOC kit is an optional upgrade which replaces the Easy Twist HEPA Filter. Installing this kit removes the air purifiers ability to effectively filter particles and greatly enhances its ability to remove chemicals, odors, and gases.

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