Austin Air HM 402 Bedroom Machine

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Austin Air Bedroom Machine Description

Specialty air cleaner with 60 sq.ft. of medical grade HEPA, certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger. Contains Austin Air's most advanced 5 stage filter for unprecedented air cleaning. Designed for use in the bedroom for a better night sleep. Comes with wheels for easy portability.

Austin Air Bedroom Machine
Pre-Filter Removes larger particles (e.g. dust, hair and pet dander)
HEPA Filter Removes 99.97% of all air born particles 0.3 microns in size and harmful micro-organisms (e.g. pollen, mold spores and combustion related particles)
Carbon Filter Removes chemicals, gases and odors (e.g. formaldehyde and benzine)

Austin Air Bedroom Machine Specifications

Filter Details
Pre-Filter Permafilt pre-filter
HEPA Filter True medical grade HEPA filter
HEPA Surface Area 60 sq/ft
Carbon Filter Activated carbon impregnated with potassium iodide and zeolite canister (10:1 ratio) plus High Efficiency Gas Arrestance (HEGA) military carbon cloth
Carbon Weight 15 lbs
Carbon Surface Area 1875 acres
UV Light Not available
Filter Life Monitor Not available

Operational Details
Delivered Air Flow 250 CFM (est.)
Coverage (3-6 Air changes/hour) 312 - 625 sq/ft
Intake 360 degrees
Outflow Directed to one side from top of unit
Fan Control 3 speed control knob
Noise Level 50-66 db
Remote Control Not available
Programmable Timer Not available
Ozone Emissions None

Manufacturing Details
Size 23" high X 14.5" wide X 14.5" long
Weight 45 lbs
Maneuverability Rolling castors
Materials and Finish Powder coated steel
Available Colors Black, White, Sandstone, Midnight Blue
Filter Access Screws on bottom plate of unit

Other Details
Electrical Requirments 120 VAC
Power Consumption 56-135 watts
Approvals CSA and UL approved
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty 5 Years Limited

Austin Air Bedroom Machine Filters And Maintenance

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine comes with the following filters installed and ready for use. Austin Air purifiers use a combo HEPA/carbon filter, so the hassle of changing individual filters is eliminated. Austin Air also guarantees their filters with a 5 year prorated warranty. Below is some information on filter life expectancy and replacement costs.

Filter Life Cost
Pre-Filter Replace every 6-12 months $43
Combo HEPA/Carbon Filter Replace every 3-5 years $535
Total Filter Replacement Cost $578

Room Coverage Based On Air Changes/Hour (ACH) And Fan Speed

The table below shows estimated room coverage in square feet for the Austin Air Bedroom Machine. When selecting an air purifier keep in mind that fan speed and noise go hand in hand and it may not be possible to operate at high speed in some environments. When it comes to air changes per hour, HEPA filters are more effective at higher ACH ratings and carbon filters are more effective at lower ACH ratings. AirFresh Solutions recommends 3-6 ACH for most common applications.

ACH* High Fan Speed Low Fan Speed
1 ACH 1875 sq/ft 625 sq/ft
2 ACH 937 sq/ft 312 sq/ft
3 ACH 625 sq/ft 208 sq/ft
4 ACH 468 sq/ft 156 sq/ft
5 ACH 375 sq/ft 125 sq/ft
6 ACH 312 sq/ft 104 sq/ft
7 ACH 267 sq/ft 89 sq/ft
8 ACH 234 sq/ft 78 sq/ft
9 ACH 208 sq/ft 69 sq/ft
10 ACH 187 sq/ft 62 sq/ft
*Estimates based on a rooms with 8' ceilings.

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Austin Air HM 402 Bedroom Machine