Amaircare 2500HV Filter Kits

  • 9999

Replacement filter kits for the Amaircare 2500HV air purifier. These filter kits contain the required pre-filters and carbon filters for approximately 1-2 years of operation under normal use.

NOTE: The Amaircare 2500 and 2500HV DO NOT use the same filters.

Amaircare 2500HV Filter Kit (94002061)
  • 8" Foam Pre-Filter (x1)
  • 8" Carbon Inner Filter (x2)
Amaircare 2500HV VOC Filter Kit (94007181)
  • 8" Foam Pre-Filter (x1)
  • 8" VOC Canister (x1)

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Amaircare 2500HV Filter Kits