Amaircare Roomaid Mini

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The Amaircare Roomaid Mini is a high-quality HEPA air purification unit that includes:

  • Foam prefilter, HEPA filter, and Carbon VOC Filter.
  • Compact and lightweight design, it can fit on a shelf.
  • 2-speed airflow adjustment.
  • Optional car adaptor cord and seatbelt clip.
  • Made in Canada & covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Compact & Lightweight

The small but powerful unit fits neatly on a tabletop or shelf and weighs only 4.4 lbs for easy transportation.

Energy Efficient

The Roomaid Mini consumes only 5 Watts in energy and easily plugs into a AC wall port or a 12V DC car outlet.

Snap-On Filter Housing

The Roomaid Series features easy to use filter changing technology that allows the main filter cartridge to pop off and on.

3-Stage Filtration

Captures large particulate with the first stage prefilter, harmful and irritating particulate with the second stage HEPA filter and chemical/gas pollution with the third stage VOC Canister filter.

Enhanced VOC Canister Filter

Comes standard with 200g of granular activated carbon for extra chemical and gas capturing capability.

Steel Construction, Thermoset Powder Finish

Durable, long lasting housing that doesn't off-gas chemicals, true to the integrity of providing clean air.

Is This The Right Size Unit For Me?

How many times can all the air in an area be cleaned through the filter each hour? Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) the more effective a HEPA filter can be. The Roomaid Mini is recommended for areas up to 240 sq. ft. with 8‰Û_ ceilings.

Area Size (sq. ft.) 50 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 250 sq. ft.
Roomaid Mini 4.8 ACH 3.2 ACH 2.4 ACH 1 ACH

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Amaircare Roomaid Mini