Winix HR950

Winix HR950

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  • The Winix HR950 offers 5-stage filtration which includes a washable pre-filter, carbon filter, True HEPA filter with anti-microbial coating, and Winix's patented PlasmaWave Technology
  • Electronic control panel with auto mode and air quality monitor allows for effortless control of your indoor environment by adjusting the fan speed as required to maintain air quality

Winix HR950

  • Helps improve overall indoor air quality and cleanliness by removing dust and other particles.
  • Helps freshen air and control light odours and smells from everyday activities.
  • Helps control serious allergy and asthma triggers including dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.

Filter Technology

  • True HEPA filtration which removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size (1/300 the size of a human hair).
  • PlasmaWave technology creates hydroxyls which work at the molecular level to destroy ultra-fine particles, viruses, chemicals, odours, and microorganisms.

Winix HR950 Description

The WINIX HR950 Air Purifier combines advanced air cleaning technologies with user centric elegant design, to create an elite member of the Winix family; best used in any area of the home. Sporting a 5-Stage air purification system with Washable Pre-Filter, Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter, Anti-microbial True HEPA Filter and WINIX PlasmaWave Technology.

Winix HR950 Specifications

Filter Details
Pre-Filter Washable Pre-filter
HEPA Filter Anti-microbial True HEPA Filter
Carbon Filter Coated Deodorization (CD) Carbon Filter
UV Light Not available
Other Filter Technology Winix PlasmaWave Technology
Filter Life Monitor Check Filter Indicator

Operational Details
Airflow (CFM) 286
Intake Sides of unit
Outflow Out top through directional vents
Fan Control 4 fan speeds
Noise Level 25-55 dB
Remote Control No
Programmable Yes
Ozone None to extremely low

Manufacturing Details
Size 9.6" x 16.3" x 23.6"
Weight 18.7 lbs
Maneuverability Lightweight and portable/no wheels
Finish Plastic
Color White
Filter Access Through front of unit/no tools

Other Details
Electrical Requirments 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power 83 watts
Approvals CSA and UL approved
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Warranty 2 years

Winix HR950 Filters And Maintenance

Filter Approximate Life* Cost
Combo HEPA/Carbon Filter 12 months 109.99
Total Filter Replacement Cost $109.99
*Filter life can vary depending on your particular environment.

Room Coverage Based On Air Changes/Hour (ACH) And Fan Speed

The table below shows estimated room coverage in square feet for the Winix HR950. When selecting an air purifier keep in mind that fan speed and noise go hand in hand and it may not be possible to operate at high speed in some environments. AirFresh Solutions recommends 3-6 ACH for most common applications.

ACH* High Fan Speed Low Fan Speed
1 ACH 2145 sq/ft 715 sq/ft
2 ACH 1072 sq/ft 357 sq/ft
3 ACH 715 sq/ft 238 sq/ft
4 ACH 536 sq/ft 178 sq/ft
5 ACH 429 sq/ft 143 sq/ft
6 ACH 357 sq/ft 119 sq/ft
7 ACH 306 sq/ft 102 sq/ft
8 ACH 268 sq/ft 89 sq/ft
9 ACH 238 sq/ft 79 sq/ft
10 ACH 214 sq/ft 71 sq/ft
*Estimates based on a rooms with 8' ceilings.

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Winix HR950