Amaircare Air Purifiers

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Amaircare features a full line of air filtration systems for residential, commercial and automotive applications. Amaircare products provide indoor air filtration from 20 CFM to 1200 CFM with significant reductions in Particles, chemicals, gases and odors.

Every Amaircare filtration system is quality tested three times with a laser particle counter during the manufacturing process (which measures the number of particles in a given amount of air that are 0.3 microns in size or larger) to ensure that every unit sold meets or exceeds HEPA specification.

Some of the many great features Amaircare air purifiers have include

  • Cleanable Pre-Filters to ensure longer filter life and less costly filter replacements
  • Large medical grade HEPA filters for excellent particle filtration
  • Carbon VOC Canisters available for absorption of chemicals, gases and odors
  • All Metal housings for extreme durability
  • German made motors for lower operating costs and years of trouble free operation
  • Separate HEPA and carbon filters so you only need to change what's required
  • Amaircare manufactures all components in house except for the motors